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Kaštieľ Pálffy
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Kaštieľ Pálffy
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Our story

Our inspiration is one of the greatest royal families not only in our region, but also in the whole of Europe – the Habsburgs. When creating the concept, we based it mostly on historical facts, as the hotel was originally built for the Austro-Hungarian nobility during the reign of this dynasty. And so we go back to the Austro-Hungarian period, in which the identity of the First Lady of the Tatras – Hotel Lomnica – was created.

The hotel hosted important persons of social and cultural life. Visitors of the hotel were high state officials, Hungarian nobility, artists, but also clients of the first climatic spa in the High Tatras. And we can imagine what it would have been like if the imperial couple Elisabeth of Bavaria, the legendary Sissi, and Franz Joseph I had stopped on one of their two secret visits to the Tatra Mountains, straight at the Hotel Lomnica. Whatever you like, here’s their story.

Wild, scorching, unbridled. That was their love, too. Sissi’s rebellious spirit was the light of the future in an old world that found favour in a devoted husband. Our journey at Hotel Lomnica also balances on the edge of rebellion. Traditions that we do not discard, but on the contrary, we honor and take to a new level.

Faithful and devoted. Devoted to the country, devoted to our family. Devoted to his love. Franz Joseph was at heart the personification of his time. A time when honour, decency and loyalty were commonplace, not higher ideals. These were life values that we also profess. The young Emperor Franz Joseph and Elizabeth of Bavaria were like fire and water, but their love has clearly gone down in history.

The personality of Franz Joseph, the charm of the beautiful Sissi and their extraordinary love are a great inspiration to us. Their legacy is hidden in every meal we serve at Hotel Lomnica. Franz Joseph’s deep affection not only for his wife, but also for nature and his homeland is reflected in the traditional recipes of the Austro-Hungarian cuisine. On the other hand, Sissi’s unbridled spirit drives us to discover and combine tradition with modern techniques and elements of gastronomy. Welcome to our Hotel Lomnica…

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