Kaštieľ Pálffy
Kaštieľ Pálffy vo Svätom Jure
Kaštieľ Pálffy
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Kaštieľ Pálffy
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Experience gastronomy enjoys a privileged position in Hotel Lomnica, and this is the reason we have harmonized the premises under the historical vaults in our Franz Josef restaurant with the distinctive tastes and our own fine dining concept.

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Culinary art is not only a passion for us – it also carries an aspect of learning and getting to know new things. Our gastronomic team led by Creative Chef Tomáš Ševčík will guide you on your expedition into the land of the flavours in combinations that give rise to a delicate art served to you on a plate. The aces they pull out of the sleeves of their jackets remain shrouded in mystery until the very last moment.

21 10 13 11 44 58 6166c6ba6def7 hotel lomnica franz jozef tomas sevcikEvery single course resonates with spontaneity, imagination, and invention. It is only up to you whether you select:

– a four-course dinner or
– a seven-course dinner.

An original experience not only on your plate

To further enhance the culinary experience, we combine our tasting dinners with beverages that are matched to each individual course. Wines with a distinctive terroir recommended by our sommelier perfectly combine all the flavours. You can choose between alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage pairing.

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the date of the tasting dinner. The capacity of our tasting dinners is LIMITED, so don’t hesitate to book a table and choose one of the last available dates:

  • – 15., 16., 22., 23. and 29. October
  • – 5., 6., 19., 20., 26., and 27. November
  • – 3., 4., 17., 18., 27., 28. 29., 30. December

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You can also present a gift to your loved ones in the form of a culinary adventure in the form of a gift voucher which can be purchased online directly on our website. You may arrange this original gift in only a few minutes.
We can even adjust the menu of the tasting dinner to vegetarian diet; however, we will not be able to comply with food intolerances.
Our tasting dinners are not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

RESERVATIONS are accepted
by email at: reservations@hotellomnica.sk
or by phone: +421 52 285 35 03

Cancellation policy:
– more than 48 hours before the date: you will be refunded 50% of the price of the dinner.
– less than 48 hours before the date: no refund will be provided

Tasting dinner rates
Seven-course dinner: 120 EUR

Alcoholic beverage pairing: 50 EUR
Non-alcoholic beverage pairing: 30 EUR

Four-course dinner: 70 EUR
Alcoholic beverage pairing:35 EUR
Non-alcoholic beverage pairing:20 EUR

Advance payment is required for booking confirmation.

VIDEO: Culinary art mastery of Franz Josef restaurant

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