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The importance of responsible tourism industry cannot be overstated, and it is therefore extremely important that we continue to strive for an overall favourable balance in environmental, adventure-based, socio-cultural, and economic impacts. Any destination is likely to suffer considerable damage unless tourism is managed efficiently. However, in order to mitigate the impact of tourism or at least to keep it at the current level, we took inspiration from the ISO 14001 – Environmental Engineering Requirements when setting up our ECO-friendly program which we titled ReUSE&ReCYCLE.

Strict criteria

However, obtaining the license allowing us to label our hotel an ECO-friendly operation is not easy at all. Certification by the European eco-label requires that every operator meet 29 mandatory criteria and obtain a certain number of points by declaring to fulfil some of the 90 optional criteria. Conditions are broken down by the resective areas – utilities, water, recycling and waste, detergents and disinfectants and environmental management. Although we will not carry the 100% ECO LABEL HOTEL in the future, we have already met several important criteria while planning to introduce some others.


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The ECO program of environmental protection in Hotel Lomnica includes the following components

Items that we have implemented:

  1. Energy consumption in the rooms controlled by a card.
  2. Centrally and locally controlled air conditioning system in hotel rooms and conference venues.
  3. Central and locally controlled lighting, highly efficient light bulbs, different lighting scenes and light intensities.
  4. Using energy-efficient light bulbs.
  5. Innovative technologies helping our employees and guests save energy and water resources.
  6. Water and energy consumption as well as waste generation are regularly monitored.
  7. Most electrical appliances are in energy class A or AA.
  8. Limitation of the water flow volume in the tap (including the shower) – does not exceed 12 l/min. (perlators).
  9. Sorting of hazardous waste, disposal of electrical waste, chemical and biological waste (batteries or printer cartridges and their subsequent disposal in compliance with strict regulations).
  10. The hotel prefers an electronic form of sending documents and communication.
  11. Water saving devices on faucets, shower taps and toilet flushers.
  12. Regular inspection of gas equipment to minimise gas emissions and cleaning of air-conditioning equipment to improve ambient sanity and health.
  13. Waste sorting – separation of glass, biological waste, sorting of fat and oils (so-called grease traps).
  14. Restricted use of disposable products.
  15. Use of refillable soap dispensers.
  16. Reduction of the consumption of laundry detergents and other detergents in general.
  17. Repeat use of towels in the rooms – based on guests’ notice,
  18. Innovative, ecological sanitation, regulated consumption of laundry washing agents and detergents in cooperation with Hagleitner, the selected supplier and their Green Efficiency concept, which includes products in the sphere of kitchen and laundry sanitation free from NTA, EDTA and phosphates.
  19. Gentle ECO-packaging of children’s cosmetics.
  20. Own water treatment plant.
  21. Breakfast is served in large containers, and we do not encourage serving butter and jams in small disposable packages for one person only.
  22. Sales of beverages in returnable bottles only.
  23. The breakfast offer has been expanded to include organic specialties.
  24. Restaurants offer a menu of organic food.
  25. Only local suppliers are preferred in supplying our restaurants.
  26. We use organic vegetables grown in our own farmstead in the locality of Farná.
  27. Public premises are non-smoking only.
  28. Discarded furniture and textiles are sent for recycling (they are used for the production of insulation panels)ECO activities:
  29. We support skiers with special discounts during the season.
  30. Recommendations for hiking activities in the surrounding nature.
  31. We encourage our employees to active waste separation, recycling, and composting.
  32. Ideal location of the hotel close to public transport.
  33. Before the main entrance to the hotel 4 bicycles are parked – 2 electric and 2 conventional bicycles. They can be rented by the accomodated guests.Other elements that we are going to introduce:
  34. Waste sorting on request – if requested, guests will receive two separate waste bins with bags of a corresponding colour.
  35. Plastic laundry bags will be replaced by bamboo bags.


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Three quick questions for the director of Hotel Lomnica, Ing. Zuzana Semanová

1. How do you perceive the importance of environmental policy from the point of view of Hotel Lomnica and generally from perspective of Slovak tourism industry?

We live and work in an environment that is a protected natural area. This very location and its distinct identity actually inspire the need to protect the things around us. Recently, we have seen palpable interest in probably every segment of business showing that the environment is one of the factors that we must also take into account also with regard to future generations.

2. Why did Hotel Lomnica decide to actively initiate the ECO program?

Since the opening of the hotel, we have consistently taken into account some of the factors related to the ecology of business and work, but we have talked little about them. Over time, other options and ideas have emerged as to how some approaches can be applied to look at the purpose of , say, recycling. For example, bedding that can no longer be used by guests can also be recycled, etc.

3. How do hotel guests perceive the hotel’s involvement in the ECO program?

Guests themselves sometimes also come up with ideas and suggestions and we regularly evaluate them. Some of these ideas have already been even implemented and we are planning to process some others.


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